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Shooting Ranges

Shooting Ranges are for MEMBERS ONLY !!!!

Remember to wear your Shooting button at the ranges when shooting. You will be asked to leave if you can't provide proof of membership. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!

Gun Ranges are now in Shooting hours.

Ranges are open at 1PM- dusk  Monday - Saturday

Sunday open at 1PM - dusk

NO Contenders/Encores/AR15/AR10/AK pistol platforms permitted on Pistol Range !!

NO muzzleloaders permitted at pistol range

NO Shotguns permitted on Pistol Range or Plinking Range.

Plinking Range is for .22 rimfires ONLY!!!!

Pistol Range will be closed on the following dates:

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Star Junction Fish & Game Club Range Safety Rules

1) Treat EVERY firearm as if it loaded

2) Be aware of your muzzle. Do not point the firearm at anything you DO NOT intend to shoot.

3) Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to fire.

4) Identify your target and backstop.

5) Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction when troubleshooting malfunctions.

6) Keep firearms unloaded when not in use.

7) Make sure firearms are unloaded and/or safe when transferring possession.

8) Do not operate firearms after/while consuming alcohol !

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